Why Myaba Technologies


A world you can’t predict demands a ICT guide you can trust
Myaba Technologies - Providing mission critical solutions to the Cloud…

Myaba Technologies understands your time is limited.

As an emerging ICT company we are committed in working towards building long-term business relationship with our clients, while ensuring that our service is of a world-class standard but at affordable rates. It is also our commitment to create cost-effective solutions and also ensure that we provide innovative IT solutions using the latest available technology.

At NJ Myaba Integrated (Pty) Ltd we have made it a company policy to always strive for excellence in everything we do and that is achieved through the focus on these two essential factors: Excellent service to our client and Employees’ development. We also understand that such Excellency can only be achieved by maintaining a friendly work environment which values and rewards integrity, respect and performance while contributing positively to the professionals we serve.