What to Expect Teaming with NJ Myaba Technologies

NJ Myaba Integrated (Pty) Ltd is a trustworthy and progressive professional firm and we always aim to be considered by our clients as their preferred IT partner while creating job opportunities. The main target beneficiary group in terms of employment opportunities for the business is the youth. The company invests in new technology equipment to ensure our clients stay within reach of today’s and tomorrow’s technology.

Every one of our projects is personal

We are committed to bring change through technology to our clients while creating employment opportunities for the youth to contribute in combating the high unemployment challenge facing our country. Our mission is to bring simplicity, innovation in helping our clients transform from the traditional way of doing business while sticking to our commitment of delivering only the best service we possible can for those trusting us to usher them to the world of technology.

 ”No one company can be all things to all companies in all locations,
So there is a huge service gap that lacks consistency and continuity
in providers that needs to be filled and that is why Myaba exists”