Myaba Technologies


Our Vision

To be the listed among the giants of the ICT industry while focusing on being respected for bringing simple yet innovative ICT solutions, allowing everyone whom we interact with to feel part of the world technology we now live in.

Our Mission

The mission of NJ Myaba Integrated (Pty) Ltd is:

  • To provide simple yet innovative ICT solutions
  • To build better quality relationship with our valued clients
  • To provide personalized services for our individual clients for their specific needs.
  • To work hand in hand with our customers to achieve the best results.
  • To invest in personal development and growth for our employees.
  • To always place high emphasis on engaging on courses and trainings focusing on latest technology.
  • To always deliver on time on a standard beyond the client’s expectations.


  • Supplying goods and services of a high quality at a affordable rates.
  • Always supersede the expectation of our consumers in terms of quality products and service.
  • Eliminate the level of poverty through job creation.

Our Values

  • We deliver on our commitment and promises in a timely manner.
  • Always place emphasis on creativity and simplicity.
  • We compete to win a dynamic market place and perform at the highest level.

Our People

Leadership – Through example as team followers, team leaders and serve those we lead.
Integrity – Our personal and professional cornerstone.
Excellence – We strive personally and stewards to our professional growth.
Honor - Myaba is committed to our people and Customers through a Servants Heart, trust and respect.
Humility – We learn from our mistakes and humble in our successes.

Our Customers

Doing the right thingIntegrity before profitability. We are dedicated to our customer’s successes and will offer value in the proper solution(s) we bring to the table. We will not compromise doing what is right to make a profit.
Commitment to teamwork and open communication to serve our customers.
Service - everything we do is focused on the customer’s experience.
Build open and honest relationships – We value strong relationships with our team members, our customers, carriers, business partners and vendors.
Total ownership and stewardship of your project from start to completion.